Egypt, Africa. January 2017


I booked this trip on the 10th January to fly on the 16th January. Another spur of the moment holiday after suffering from the holiday blues from Christmas and New Year. We did this one with First Choice and just fancied a week away in the sun with Ben. Id been poorly and still hadn’t recovered from either a head cold or some kind of virus so thought a week away would do me wonders. I did it all online and a week all inclusive in a 4 star hotel was £500 for Ben and me. We didn’t exactly need all inclusive as Ben obviously doesn’t drink alcohol and i rarely do when away with Ben apart from the odd glass.

The resort we had found was in Hurghada in Egypt. Egypt sits in North East Africa and the resort is positioned on the Red Sea Coast. It is excellent for diving which i first tried when i visited Sharm El Sheikh a few years earlier before Ben was born. It is definitely something i will do again when Ben is old enough. I checked travel safety advice on the Government website before i booked given the terror attacks in the country. The website to check the safety of travelling to any country is – They advised that travel was safe and that was that.

We were flying from Manchester for this one on a 9.15am flight so i looked around the area for a nice hotel to stay in the Sunday evening prior to our flight. I decided on Mottram Hall near Wimslow in Cheshire and only a 20 min drive to the airport. Id been to this hotel before many moons ago when i worked for the De Vere hotel chain. The hotel is ran by Q Hotels now and a decent chain hotel group. I paid £80 for the night which was about standard for a Sunday night in a 4 star hotel. The building is set in vast grounds and surrounded by a golf course, it is a very short drive to Wilmslow and Alderley Edge which if there are many fans of the Real Housewives of Cheshire you will have seen on their show and know this is where many celebrities and footballers wives socialise. I was curious for a look around so we decided to have dinner there that night. Its a really small area for the hype of the place but pretty scenic. Its worth a trip just to look at the huge houses and dream. We were back at the hotel for an early night as always, this is the norm when travelling with children as if you are anything like me you kind of want to stick to some sort of routine otherwise you end up with super cranky tired kids and when you’re travelling the next day, this is the last thing you need. So, evenings can be a little dull when you’re on you’re own and back in your room by 8pm. I take a Kindle, read, stay in touch with friends, look on social media etc etc. A lot of people go away to switch off and cut themselves off from their usual world and often criticize others for wanting to stay in touch with home. Its a pretty naive perspective from non-child bearing couples usually who have no idea what the solo parenting is like. I enjoy staying in touch with people who are important to me and i always do whether with Ben on holiday or not. Anyway, i am really digressing here.

So, we were up early the next day and drove to the airport as i had reserved parking through I always use them when flying from Manchester as they have various car parks for different terminals, they are cheap and they have very easy access to and from their parks and the shuttle service to the terminal has always been quick. We parked and and jumped on a shuttle bus and this is where i had a real parenting fail as Ben was sick all over himself and the floor. That awful child sick that smells like sour milk. Great. I searched my pockets and bag for wipes and had nothing, not even a piece of paper to attempt to mop this up. Luckily a lovely lady behind me had some tissues and we managed to clean some of it up. 2 mins later we arrived and headed straight to WH smith to buy some wipes and i got Ben cleaned up as best i could. Those Wet Wipes are much better than baby wipes too and did the job as i was really not looking forward to another 8 hours travelling with a foul smelling child. All was good in the hood and we went looking for breakfast. Ben seemed to be fine and must have just had milk lying on his tummy as we found a TGI Fridays in the airport for food. I’m not a fan of this chain other than for breakfast as they are pretty good. Ben had porridge with bananas and i had Eggs Benedict (my fave) and a glass of the ritual fizz with a huge cappuccino. Shortly after we were on the plane. This was going to be Ben’s longest flight to date of 5h 40minutes so i was a little apprehensive but thought he would be fine and he was a little superstar. He had his usual snooze, watched some Power Rangers on the Ipad…. to be continued, mammy duties are calling x

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